Clinical Trial Radar ChatGPT Plugin

Transforming the Way You Navigate Clinical Trials

The Clinical Trial Radar is a revolutionary tool designed to empower patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. We leverage advanced Artificial Intelligence and a comprehensive Clinical Trials database to provide current and detailed information on global clinical trials. Our mission is to simplify the complex landscape of clinical trials, making it more accessible and understandable to all.

Precisely Targeting the Trial That's Right for You

We tap an immense database covering thousands of active and recruiting clinical trials. Our AI-powered discovery engine sorts through extensive amounts of data to pinpoint trials based on your exact criteria: location, conditions of interest, eligibility requirements and more. Whether you're trying to find glioblastoma trials for children in San Diego or mapping out glioblastoma trials nationwide, our tool delivers hyper-precision results.

Insights That Empower Your Participation Decisions

Clinical Trial Radar gives you access to crucial details that can influence your participation decisions: trial goals and hypotheses, intervention models, inclusion/exclusion criteria, study dates, contact info and locations. Our clinical trial discovery tool quickly analyses studies based on the factors that matter most to you.

We built Clinical Trial Radar for one simple reason: to help patients, families and medical professionals make truly informed decisions. Our tool provides transparent, up-to-date information you need to evaluate your options and select trials that best suit your unique situation and goals. However, the final choice to participate in any study belongs to you in consultation with your physician. Our technology is designed to support and augment that vital conversation, not replace it.

Key features of the Clinical Trial Radar:

  1. Trial Search: Users can search for clinical trials using various filter parameters such as trial status, phase, study protocol type, eligibility criteria, and more. Trial Radar can also search for trials based on specific keywords.

  2. Trial Information: Trial Radar provides detailed information about each trial, including its purpose, interventions, phase, location, and eligibility criteria. It also explains the study design, objectives, patient population, endpoints, and research focus.

  3. Organizations, Interventions, Diseases, and Biomarkers: Users can search for organizations (sponsors, funders) of clinical trials, medical interventions (drugs, therapies, devices) used in trials, medical conditions, diseases or disorders targeted by trials, and biological markers used as indicators in trials.

  4. Trial Locations: Trial Radar can fetch the locations (sites) where a given clinical trial is recruiting participants.

  5. Trial Eligibility: Users can get the eligibility, inclusion, and exclusion requirements for participants in a given clinical trial.

  6. Trial Arms and Outcomes: Trial Radar can retrieve information about the arms of a clinical trial and related outcomes and measures.

Please note that Trial Radar is not intended for handling Personal Health Information (PHI). Users should not share sensitive health information and should always consult with their healthcare providers.

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